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Shots.... of the healthy variety!

Lemon, ginger and cayenne shot

Well, it's Monday morning and I must admit that a cheeky shot of Jagermeister or vodka is the last thing I feel like (for now anyway.... that might have changed by the end of the day of course!) So I started investigating whether there is a healthy shot equivalent. A Monday morning drinking game you might say, and ta daaaa there really is! I read this article by Stacy Kennedy giving recipes for healthy detox shots. Unlike Stacy, I'm not sure I'd say the 'fun times' have changed with age (the older I get, the more shots I seem to do. Blame the children perhaps?) but I love the concept of a Monday morning reboot. So I have just braved the lemon, ginger and cayenne recipe. It was very easy to make, just the 3 ingredients which always helps as my cupboards never seem to cater for this sort of recipe. I don't even have a juicer but a hand blender with a bit of water added seemed to do the job. As the picture shows, the shot looked quite tempting but, in truth, I'm still a little confused about whether I enjoyed the sharp lemon and spicy cayenne hit at 10am. That said, it wasn't overly unpleasant and I'm sure my body will reap the benefits, so a success in my mind! Coffee and a cake to undo the goodness anyone?

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