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The Shot Ski 'Lock & Loader' - welcome to the Club

I've been thinking about making a fold-able ShotSki for a long time but never quite plucked up the courage. Given that so many people travel to weddings, parties or other events with their shot ski, it makes sense to have an option for a more 'travel friendly' ski. When I received an email from the lovely Emily in Sweden asking whether it was possible to make a folding ski for her to take to her wedding in Kitzbuhel, I thought that the time was finally here to give it a go!

The process was easy, take an already carved ski with a curved tip and chop it in half. Add hinge to the bottom and clip to the top (to lock the ski straight when in use). Varnish. Customise with message. Boom... one folding shot ski.

And the 'Lock & Loader' was born. Thanks Jack for the name suggestion!

They're now up and available on the website. Take a look at

Folding Shot Ski

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