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Gearing up for winter weddings....

Well, the summer has been a little busier than I anticipated...! But it's great. We've done skis for weddings, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th birthday parties, retirement parties, corporate events and various pubs, bars and nightclubs! Phew.

It's now time to regroup and prepare for the season of winter weddings and Christmas! If you're looking for a cheeky twist of fun at your wedding this winter, why not add a Shot Ski?! We can customise the skis in anyway you like. We've added dates, names, logos, slogans, photos etc etc.... Also great as a surprise wedding gift for shot loving friends!

I know it's tooooooo early to talk about Christmas but trust me, if you're thinking of giving a shot ski, mini ski, retro shotski, shot paddle or shot pong as a Christmas present, get your order in early!

winter wedding shotski

customise your shot ski as you choose

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