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WHAT a Christmas!!

WOW! I'm still only just recovering from the Christmas rush. From early November right up until Christmas (and into January to be honest) I have made, sold, customised and shipped out over 100 Shot Skis across the UK, Europe, the States and Canada.

What started as a little niche project to tide me over in between jobs has turned into a fully-fledged Shot Ski industry! Thank you to all my lovely customers who have given me such fantastic reviews and positive feedback. An extra special thank you to everyone who has helped 'on the ground' from my lovely husband who spent nearly every evening in December wrapping skis to my friends and family who have looked after the kids, helped make skis, encouraged and supported me and given me lots of wine.....

Here's to 2018!!!

Here's a little snippet of some of our ShotSkis over the past few weeks....

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