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DEC Earthquake campaign

Does anyone else get a little bummed out listening to the news? It's seriously depressing stuff with Brexit, Trump, the rise of the far right etc etc. What's even more depressing and heart-breaking is when we hear (repeatedly) about natural disasters and their utterly devastating impact on local communities across the world. Sadly this is the current situation in Indonesia where an earthquake followed swiftly by a tsunami left 1500 dead (by current estimates) and thousands more without food, water, or shelter and in desperate need.

ShotClub is only a teeny, tiny business with just me at the helm and my husband drafted in on occasion to help (well, most evenings really - sorry Mike!) Even so, I would like the business to do something good, even if it's impact is only little in the grand scheme of things. I've recently begun to donate 10% of my profits to different charities on a monthly basis. I thought I would add these charities to my blog so that you know that when you buy a shot ski or other ShotClub item, you're contributing to the donation.

My September contribution has gone to the DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee). I'm a big fan of the DEC because, with their combined 14 charity members, they only launch appeals when they know they can make a difference and really help. They also publish progress reports so you can see how they are helping the specific crisis. If you'd like to take a look, their website is

DEC Emergency Appeal


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