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The little perks of running a shot ski business...

Every job has it's perks right? I went skiing last week and thought it only natural, ESSENTIAL no less that I take a shot ski to test run on the slopes... ooooh life is hard.

Most of our skis are made for parties, weddings, birthdays etc etc - a specific event or place, rather than when you're out and about and on the move. I decided that we needed to create something designed specifically for those of us who like to have a cheeky shot when we're on the go; something that is small, light and easy to carry. So I made the mini folding shot ski.

It's small (about 40 cm when folded) and slim. It fits perfectly in a backpack, nestled in nicely next to a hip flask or bottle of Jager. When you want to use it simply whip out the ski, unfold it and take your shot. There are two holes for shot glasses so your friends can get involved too.

Well, a new product needs testing right? It was my step brother's birthday so we certainly put the shot ski to good use whilst on the slopes; restaurants (with our waiter), on the slopes, in the gondola etc etc. Yep, I can confirm that it works very well!

The ski can be customised with your own message or logo.

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