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I was only recently introduced to Beer Pong (late I know) at a Hen Do in Portugal this summer. Needless to say I loved it, lethal though it is. Sadly we had run out of beer so decided to top up the glasses with any form of booze we could find. The rest of the evening went downhill from there as you can imagine. When I got home I wondered whether I could convert the game to a smaller, snappier version involving shots. Speaking with my fellow shot-enthusiast friends, they seemed keen on the idea given there's nothing else like it and it would be great as a party game, drinking game, birthday present, Christmas present etc. For those unfamiliar with Shot Pong, the game has two boards which each hold 6 shot glasses filled with your favourite tipple. The players stand opposite each other and take turns to throw a ping pong ball into their opponent's shot glass. If they get the ball in, their opponent must drink that shot. And so the game continues until all the shots are gone! Dangerous but fun.

After playing around with the bandsaw for a while, we created the perfect sized board with 6 holes to hold the shot glasses firm and ensure they don't tip over. Along with miniature shot versions of the classic red cup and a ping pong ball, Shot Pong was born! We've sold a few but recently got an order for a customised set of Shot Pong Boards. I've just finished the Board and it was sent out with it's fellow Shot Ski today. The end result was fantastic and I'm sure it will finish off a fair few

drinkers at the London pub it's destined for......

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