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It's nearly November. Let's talk Christmas....

Christmas Shot Ski; beautiful holly leaf

I know I know, it's STILL too early to talk about Christmas. Trust me, I'm the first person to roll my eyes and huff and puff when Christmas is discussed before December (especially when it's my mother planning Christmas from March) BUT hear me out, I have a point here....

Two things to note in the blog:

1. If you want a customised Christmas gift (a ShotSki or anything else), you've got to get in there and order early.

2. This year will be the first that ShotClub will be hitting the Christmas markets. See below for where to find us.

1. 2016 was my first year of trading and thus my first Christmas. I was pretty unprepared to say the least and the fact that I was still handcarving and then hand-painting every shot ski didn't help. That said, I was always astounded at how late people left ordering their customised Christmas gifts. I totally understand the last minute, Christmas eve rush but then you can't be expecting a customised gift right? Apparently not! I was totally flat out with orders right up until the last days before Christmas and then I started turning people down - a lot of people. So PLEASE, if you're thinking of doing something special and personalised this year, get in early if for nothing other than my and other small business' sanity!!

2. Christmas Markets!!! I am really REALLY excited about doing my first Christmas markets this year. My debut (just to use an overly fancy word here) will be at the Chester race course Christmas market on the 14th and 15th November. I was asked to attend this market by a customer who runs the market and loved our skis. I'm especially excited about this one as my lovely mum is coming to help me out. We'll both be novices so if you see us in a fluster, just come and give us a smile, or a glass of prosecco. Mum wasn't too keen on staying at the Premiere Inn so she's booked us in somewhere posh - wahoo! Here's the website to check it out:

I'll also be at the Bristol Harbourside market on the 2nd and 9th December. I'm especially excited about these as they're on home turf.

If you're in the area for any of the markets, come and say hi! I'd love to meet you.

Ok, that's it. No more Christmas discussions.....

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