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Anyone for cricket?

Anyone for cricket? Yes please!!

I'm loving our brand new, fancy-schmansy Shot Cricket Bat. ShotClub is the ONLY place in the world making a shot cricket bat so I'm feeling quietly proud and a little smug!

We made the bat at the request of our lovely customer Donna who wanted to buy a present for her friends that was different.... she considered a Shot Ski but given that they're avid cricket fans, we decided to push the boat out and give making a Shot Cricket Bat a go! Initially I had thought that we would make a cricket bat from scratch but, on further investigation I soon realised that it would be timely, expensive and bloomin' awkward! Instead I found a really cool cricket bat from our local sports shop and decided to go ahead with that. I drilled two holes into the top of the bat so that it will hold the shot glasses securely. The bat was a little pale (I get that that is how cricket bats look!) but we decided to give it a vintage make-over and stain it with a dark oak finish.

We were then able to customise the bat with the UK and SA flags that Donna wanted on it.

It's a brilliant variation of the traditional shot ski. The idea is the same, two people stand together holding the bat and one, two, three, down the shot together!

The new and unique Shot Cricket Bat. Perfect for a gift for cricket fans, or perfect for a party!

The Shot Cricket Bat can be customised with a message or logo of your choice!

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