Here with a splash! It's the new Shot WaterSki!!

It's new, it's here and it's bloomin marvellous (in my opinion!) I'm very excited to introduce ShotClub's Shot WaterSki. In fact, I was so excited, I think I went a little bit bonkers (see video....!) A few weeks ago I was contacted by boating fanatic Jolene asking whether we could do a Shot Water Ski for her upcoming wedding. There's nothing else out there like it in the entire world and she was desperate for a waterski to complete her perfect lakeside wedding. Always one to embrace a challenge, I enthusiastically agreed and then dispatched ShotClub's chief product developer (aka my long-suffering husband Mike) into the workshop. Just a few hours later he had built this fantastic water ski. Jolene wanted chevrons on the underside and the longitude and latitude co-ordinates of their wedding venue on the front. I can't help but love this new ski, especially as it's a more summery alternative to the traditional snow ski. The waterski is now happily on it's way to the US and I have decided to start selling the waterski to anyone else who might want one. Perfect for summer birthdays, weddings, parties, celebrations or decoration for a boat house perhaps?

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