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Wedding Shot Ski

wedding shot ski

It's been a little quiet on the blogging front from Shot Club for the past couple of weeks. Why? Because we've been inundated with orders and I've been charging around like a headless chicken! I'm happy to say that 90% of these orders are for upcoming weddings - the BEST place for a Shot Ski to be! Whether it be a wedding gift for friends or family or something you want at your own wedding, the Shot Ski is guaranteed to kick start the party. We've had orders in preparation for 2017/18 winter weddings and many many more for weddings this summer, some with just a few days notice!

I love this Shot Ski with the place and date that the couple met on the front (Verbier 2008), and 'We tied the knot, take a shot on the back'. What a great party piece for the special day itself and also a fantastic momento to keep forever afterwards.

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