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Matching Tee and Shot Ski? Why Not!?

They're finally here! Our brilliant new range of t-shirts. We have a variety of colours, sizes and slogans (some that I poached from elsewhere and others I made up all by myself....) and the option to match your t-shirt to your shotski. A truely unique proposition! We've already matched a 'Why Limit Happy to an Hour' Shot Ski to a man's tee and a 'Jager Made me Do it' Shot Ski to a yellow women's tee. I LOVE them (and have made a number for me and me alone!) Our slogan's include;

'The Liver is Evil and Must be Punished'

'The More Shots I Drink, the Better I Dance'

'Let's Drink and Make Bad Choices'

'Jager Made Me Do It'

'Why Limit Happy to an Hour'

I still need to launch the t-shirts on the website but you can check them out on Etsy already:

Love Love Love.

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