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The Moustache - Feeling fan-TASH-tic!!

It's new, it's here and it's officially my favourite item - The Moustache has arrived at ShotClub!! I finally got a bit of time away from carving shot skis to have a little play creating something new and I thought a Shot-Moustache would be pretty fun! It's the same concept as the ShotSki ie the Moustache has 2 (or 3 if you prefer) holes in which the shot glasses fit snuggly. Choose your friends/willing victims to join in to take a shot. You hold the Moustache together, lift, drink, and then pull a horrified face as you digest....!! I gave the moustache a little test run with friends at a party on Saturday (under the guise of a fun new drinking game- honest!) and Williamine was my drink of choice. If you don't know Williamine, look it up. I became a Williamine fanatic whilst living in Verbier, Switzerland.... but I can't say the others thought much of it!! Williamine aside, the Moustache was a great success. Like the Shot Ski, it can also be customised with a personal message. Check it out in our shop if you'd like to order.

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