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New ways to get drunk....

I thought January would be a quiet month on the orders front given that people are generally quite gloomy (Trump and Brexit haven't helped), and dry-January makes drinking a little unpopular. I was wrong. It seems that shot skis are as popular as in December (maybe I have Trump and Brexit to thank for that - that's something I suppose!)

Anyway, my original plan for January was to get inventing and invented I have! Our new Shot Paddle is about 45cm in length with a carved handle, made from beech. I have drilled 5 holes for plastic shot glasses. The idea is that at a party, you can walk around with the paddle and hand out shots to your unsuspecting guests! We tried this out at the Apres-Ski party this month (see previous blog) and it was a big hit! These are on the website for £30.

Still a prototype but soon to be finished are our shot holsters. Inspired from my days working in Apres-Ski, we used to walk along the bar with our hols

ters filled with bottles of day-glow coloured vodka cocktails and poor shots straight down customers throats Coyote Ugly style. For any information on when these will be available to buy, send me a message!

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