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Who needs snow for Apres-Ski!?

The Shot Ski struck again this weekend at an Apres-Ski themed party in the Chew Valley. It created it's usual buzz and atmosphere of excitement, tinged with a little fear and nostalgic joy as my fellow 30-something and 40-something party goers relived those teenage days when we drank oh-so-many shots and partied without a care in the world! The ski was also responsible for many heavy heads on Sunday morning. The difference to our teenage years of course is that those heavy heads are now jumped on at 6am by over-excited, hungry small children!!

We also introduced our brand new Shot Paddle and holster. Last week I built

a 5 holed shot paddle which is perfect for passing shots around at a party. My husband also made a bottle holster made of wood and leather (available to buy soon after a little fine tuning). Our fabulous hosts Lizzie and Nick had made toffee vodka and skittle vodka which slipped down a little too easily and freely!!

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