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eat, sleep,

shot, repeat




It all started with my dad's retro skis, a wedding, and memories of seasons working in the Alps.....

I first came across the Shot Ski when working in an infamous apres-ski bar in Verbier. My (now) husband and I then decided to transform my dad’s retro skis into a pair of shot skis to add a little mischievous fun at our wedding and it didn’t disappoint. In fact, it was so popular that people started asking where they could get their own. When I realised that there was nothing quite like it available, I set up Shot Club to bring Shotski happiness to the world....

The Shot Ski is a simple process. Fill the shot glasses with your tipple of choice (I would recommend Jägermeister but each to their own). Four people then stand in a row holding the ski and everyone downs the shot all at the same time.

I have 3 types of ski, our handmade wooden skis are our most popular. We build the ski ourselves, complete with pointed, curved tip like a normal ski and varnished to add a rustic, retro colour. We can then add any message logo, or picture onto the ski. I now also do a painted black ski which look awesome with red, gold or silver graphics.

Our retro and modern used skis have all had a happy past life on the piste and though I only use the best skis, they do come in varying conditions and some may have a few battle scars.  

We have also introduced new ideas and products to spread our love of shots including Shot Pong, Paddles, the Shot Tray and Shot Ski Tees!



Watch our Shot Ski in action.....

We've taken the ShotSki to a new level, handmaking our own skis to make them a beautiful sight to see as well as an awesome drinking game! You can add a personalised message to the bottom of the ski which shows as you take a shot!



ShotClub: A Bristol based company.

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