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Take a look at the ShotSki Mini!! Perfect for wedding tables, dinner parties, festivals or any time you need a shot on the go!


The idea is simple, 2 people stand together holding the ski. Fill the glasses with your tipple of choice (I would choose Jagermeister personally, though I've been known to have a shot of Prosecco too!) and then all take the shot together. It's great fun and a guaranteed party piece!


Aside from the fun-factor, the difference with Shot Club's Skis are that they are a beautiful piece to look at. Each one is produced by me personally and I am proud with the quality and finish of each ski. They are made from Beech, carved into shape, sanded at the sides to create a smooth finish and curved at the tip just like a proper ski, making it truly unique. It is then stained with an Oak, Walnut, or Black finish to create a vintage ski look. The ski has 2 holes for shot glasses (which are included) and is approx 90cm in length. Our customers tend to mount their skis on the wall after their specific event!


The skis come with a choice of 3 drinking motos printed using vinyl sitckers on the bottom of the ski. You can choose from either 'Bottoms Up', 'Cheers' or 'Piste again'. As you take a shot, the message flashes up to those watching, perfect for photos! Or you can opt to customise your own ski. Opt for 'Custom Message' when ordering (additional £10) and let me know what you'd like written on the ski!


Others like to keep it simple and have people sign their skis with marker pen or paint pen once they have taken a shot.


Take a look at some of our photos or find us on social media for some inspiration;



The Ski is available in a Walnut, Oak, or Black colour


*Folding mini shot ski also available in separate listing

ShotSki Mini!

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