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Our latest product is the 'Shot Paddle' and we love it! Perfect for a wedding, party, birthday, night out, hen-do, stag-do or ANY EXCUSE to have shots!!


A friend asked if I had thought about making something that meant you could easily carry shots to the table, or around a party or really at any gathering where shots are flowing (we think this should be most gatherings!) So I designed the shot paddle. 

It's easy to carry with a carved handle and holes for 5 shot glasses stretching across the length of the paddle. The glasses can be easily removed and replaced as you take the shot.


Aside from the fun-factor, the difference with Shot Club's products are that they are a beautiful piece to look at. Each one is produced by me personally and I am proud with the quality and finish of every one. The  paddles are stained with a Dark Oak or Walnut finish to create a vintage look. 


For an additional £5 you can have your Paddle customised with a short message. Let me know when ordering what you would like on the paddle


The paddle comes with 5 funky red plastic shot cups. 

*please note glass glasses no longer available 

Shot Paddle

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