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This is the ShotSki that you can fold up and put in your backpack, handbag, hand-luggage - ANYWHERE! Whether you're heading up the mountain for the day or down to the beach, pack you mini folding shot ski and bring the party with you.


Like our handmade Shot Ski, the mini folding ShotSki is a beautiful piece to look at. It is made from Beech, carved into shape and curved at the tip just like a proper ski. It is then stained with either an Oak, Walnut, or Black finish to create a vintage ski look. Unlike the classic Shot Ski, this is cut in half and then rejoined with a hinge on the bottom and a clip on the top. This means that you can fold the ski in half when you're on the move then when it's time for a shot, you can lock-and-load, straightening out the ski and securing it with the clip on top. Perfect!

If you're new to Shot Skis the idea is simple, 2 people stand in a row holding the ski. Fill the glasses with your tipple of choice (I would choose Jagermeister personally, though I've been known to have a shot of Prosecco too!) and then all take the shot together. It's great fun and a guaranteed party piece!


The ski has 2 holes for shot glasses (which are included) and is approx 95cm in length, 50cm when folded. 


The additional beauty of this shot ski is that it can be customised for your own use or event. People like to decorate their skis in all kinds of ways, whether it be a message on the bottom such as 'Piste Again' so as a group takes their shot, everyone can see your personal message! Or perhaps something on the top, a significant date, a logo or a design of your choice. Others like to keep it simple and have people sign their skis with marker pen or paint pen once they have taken a shot.


Take a look at some of our photos or find us on social media for some inspiration;






We want you to be able to style your ShotSki however you like. Please send me a message when ordering to let me know what you're after. I'll then draw up some design ideas with different font and lay-out options so that you can visualise the ski before choosing your final design. The skis are decorated using vinyl, so you can choose white, black, red or I'm happy to explore other options if you'd like!


I have listed delivery time as 1-2 weeks but this can often be sped up if you need a ski more urgently. Just shoot me a message to double check first.


Mini Folding ShotSki

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