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You've ordered your Shot Ski so what next? Why not match it with a t-shirt!?

I've sold hundreds of customised shot skis now and many people have asked if I can offer a clothing range to add to the fun! The messages that my wonderful customers have asked for on their shot skis are very personal, poignant or down-right funny. So why not slap that message on a matching t-shirt too! I've done his and hers to match his and hers shot skis, birthday t-shirts, corporate party t-shirts, engagement t-shirts etc etc. The beauty is that you can match your shot ski exactly, or, if you'd prefer, choose a different message like 'I survived the shot ski!' or 'I love my shot ski!' Or, you know what, you don't even need a shot ski for a customised t-shirt - just let me know what you're after!

It's entirely up to you!

I have a range of colours including, slate grey, red, blue, green, and navy blue. Sizes are S, M, L and XL. I can get more sizes but this does take a little more time. 

Writing can be in black or white.

Once ordered, please let me know what you would like on your tee!

Men's Matching Tee for your Shot Ski! Customised T-Shirt to match your ShotSki

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