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Everyone loves beer pong! These beautiful handmade beer pong boards allow you to enjoy the classic game whilst adding your own personal twist with a customised message or slogan.


The game is comprised of 2 wooden boards, each with a triangle of 6 pint glass holes securing the classic red beer pong plastic glasses (12 pint glasses included). The idea is to fill the glasses with a tipple of your choice (doesn't have to be beer!), set up opposite your opponent and try to throw the ball into their pint glasses. If you manage to get the ball into one of their 6 glasses, your opponent drinks that drink. If they hit any of your glasses, you drink the pint. The winner is the person who successfully aims and hits all their opponent glasses, ensuring the loser is sufficiently sozzled!

Aside from the fun-factor, the difference with Shot Club's products are that they are a beautiful piece to look at. Each Beer Pong board is produced by me personally and I am proud with the quality and finish of every one. The boards are stained with either an Oak, Walnut or sleek black finish.

You can also customise the Shot Pong with writing or pictures of your choice. Let me know what you would like on ordering or ask me for ideas if you've run out of inspiration!!

Customised Beer Pong Boards

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